Building the eCommerce site of your dreams, and transforming your online presence.

5 Step Systems – 1 Core Program 5 step program – Niche is…Shopify, Magento & WordPress:
I have a unique 5 step process that will transfer your Magento 1 to Magento 2 website:
What makes our process unique? Why can we solve your problems with a custom solution?

1. Complete migration of your entire catalog of products. All ratings and reviews will be migrated.
2. M2 migration of all third party extensions. Including info such as balance in wallet, abandoned cart etc.,
3. Lower M2 migration costs. We are affordable and transparent.
4. We’ll create a new storefront from scratch that is almost a mirror image of your M1 store
5. SEO audit and CRO best practices come baked in so you don’t lose revenue

Sell 100 of my packages at 3000 to 5000 a pop!
What is your Transformation:
Designing your irresistible Offer Litmus Test
What is the transformation I offer?
How will I deliver that transformation?
Is it leveraged?
Do I LOVE it?

High Ticket Low ticket model!

What is the transformation I offer?
I help businesses create a done for you website
Bring people online – help them achieve an online presence of your dreams
Create the website of your dreams and help you edit it and bring it into the light

Your irresistible offer – Clarify, Package, Price & Deliver your irresistible offer
1 to 1 high ticket
Speaking Live and virtual
Online Promo
Your Live events, workshops and retreats

Nail Your offer System:
High Ticket Selling System
Speak to sell Bootcamp
6 Figure Sales System

Events Profit Secrets
Leveraged Sales + Leveraged Delivery = A life you love!

Discover your Brand:
How do I tell people that I can help them build the website of their dream?
What is my unique process to get people online

What is my unique process to market my system:
We will help you build the brand of your dreams, Welcome to the best website of your life. THis is going to be the brand that you want. What is so great about branding your website, and how do you bring it online?

First we walk you through the “Discovery Session” process to layout what the next 30 days is going to look like and what you will need to do over the next 30 days to get you started with your new website.

Different ways of selling / marketing:

  • 1. Speak to sell talk
  • 2. TEle seminar preview call
  • 3. Webinars
  • 4. Video series
  • 5. Freebie / opt in Gift
  • 6. 1 to 1 sales Calls

Programs: Your unique Branded
System can be delivered as:

  • 1. Private Coaching
  • 2. Teleseminar/Webinar Series
  • 3. Home Study / Info Product
  • 4. Book
  • 5. Live event or workshop
  • 6. Vip Day
  • 7. Year long program / Mastermind
  • 8. Certification

Andrews Project work

Essex court sign –


Need Finalize Design

Need to Print at Firesprint

Art of Aging finish the WordPress updates – Invoice Sent

Need to finalize points and turn over

KRW construction finish the WordPress updates – – Invoice Sent

Need the 3 pages

Omaha Communications finish the WordPress updates

Njhs needs the email

X-ray Concepts Facebook Advertising


Will IQ Boston smart energy bars – Landed / SOLD

William D hydrlia Singapore – Landed / SOLD

AK true America

Elevated Bi-Fold
Packaging our marketing materials
Offers and calls to Action
Selling our $2000, 3000, 5000 dollar offers for web design and development

Brick and Mortar – 30 Day challenge
Traffic & Funnels
Copy Writting software $67 dollars

Wed: Therman – 1pm – at Elevated