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Web Design: A New Direction

The direction of web design is changing. The Web as we know it is undergoing a transformational shift in how information is delivered, created, and consumed. Web content is now consumed on more screens and in more sizes and resolutions than ever before. There’s no doubt…this is just the beginning.

A common mistake that most business owners make is not being aware of how much a website's design is going to impact the overall SEO performance of the website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Web design elements in regards to navigation, layout, media, graphics, and website load time, content and coding are heavily weighted search engine ranking factors. Each one of these areas need to be taken into consideration when planning for a truly search optimized website.

There are many websites out there that look fantastic and sport the latest trends in design yet often fail miserably in their intended function.

What is Strategic Design?

A web design must help you accomplish your organization’s objectives: one that not only looks great and mirrors your brand identity - but is also usable, accessible and generates leads.

Strategic web design is fusing your organizational goals with every aspect of the design process.

  • Establish your goals: Is it to sell, inform, entertain, or provide a service?
  • Identify your audience: Identify key demographics (age, gender, profession, etc.) and build your site with these findings.
  • Determine your brand image and have a clear marketing internet strategy: Branding refers to the perceived image and emotional response to a company, its products and services. What benefits do you want customers to associate with your brand? How is the brand perceived against competitors in the market for products and services you're looking to provide?
  • Sync design with branding strategy: Important to ensure that the colors, the texts, the images, the navigation and everything else is geared towards optimized representation of your brand.
  • Analyze and Measure results: Analyze your results against the main goals you established in step one. Are you achieving the outcomes you desired?
  • Consistently work to improve your site: Always room for improvement. After your site is designed, set aside time with your SEO/Web Team Leader every month to review analytics and discuss new ideas that will consistently increase lead generation for your business
  • Your web design is only as strong as the planning that goes into it. A proper strategy ensures effective design and development, and avoids costly setbacks.

Take the first step towards increasing your online visibility and generating qualified, targeted leads. Call Elevated SEO for a free analysis and let us help create the right campaigns that will improve your business image, attract more of your ideal clients and optimize your online presence.


Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

SEO, Social Media and Web Design Experts

 Local Search Campaigns

There is no time to waste when a local strategy could have your website in the first page of search engine results.

Google Maps Search Optimization

Google Maps Optimization has emerged as a core activity of an effective local search strategy.

Link Building & Content

All SEO campaigns are rooted in link building and quality content publication. It will continue to play a major role in SEO.

Paid Search Advertising

Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter provide the opportunity to attract customers within just a few days.

Custom Website Development

Our web designers custom build your website to meet your needs, from ecommerce sites to Facebook apps.

Custom Email Templates

We design an email template is specifically catered to reinforce the branding of your company.